Best teams in the game?

24/04/16 15:15
Who does everyone think is the best team in the game?

Cayden? 2 Lomu's? Drop kicks? Be interesting to see everyone's opinions
24/04/16 23:46
hard to tell when the champs is more a sign of who spends on mb... take mb away from championship and lets find the real players...

While the names you put up are good .. until we have even ground to play on who knows...only thing we can be sure of is hes probably from new zealand lol .

mb free championship to find the best ...
25/04/16 13:05
In my opinion 2 teams lomu is the hardest to beat! Cayden also keeps me on my toes...also abs bb and rhino are up there... cfron is just a joke
25/04/16 14:15
From BIA - it's rhino that usually wins our internal guild challenges but I know a few of the other people in our guild have bested him on occasion
25/04/16 20:09
Dropkick, I'd like to see how good some of those teams are without boosting or 45 subs a game myself. No doubt they are good but I do think it's a little distorted - We could all spend a couple of hundred £ and get similar squads / play similar tactics!
25/04/16 21:55
Me or dropkicks hardly ever sub...
25/04/16 23:33
Ben Essien :

Me or dropkicks hardly ever sub...

I'm not sure which team you are but one thing I did notice was that some teams just seems to max all settings and then use 45 players which is bonkers! If I get beaten by someone with simply better tactics then fair play, I'll work out what went wrong and I look forward to a rematch!
26/04/16 00:16
You've got an impressive team there dropkick!
26/04/16 00:18
El's Dynamos :

You've got an impressive team there dropkick!

Thanks bud... you dont go to bad yourself
26/04/16 12:48
if you guys were that upfront about playing real games . theres nothing to stop us from making our own rules of engagement... number of subs (more than 7 is crazy) mb no mb.. ether time tornys together or friendlys on terms..... list game times on here to play or a best of 10 games to find winner .. im very keen to know whos the best .. if only way we can find him is us, then need to make some rules and agree.. i know its not me yet , but i have a few ppl i think could be it ..

be nice if the game jumped on board and found a way by ranking players.....not builders