Hiding player settings, no subs in training games,auto subs

24/12/16 03:50
Hi All,

Now that we have a better ranking system, I would really like to see the players setting hidden as we spend hours trying to get them right!

It would be really great to see new training games being played with no subs allowed! (Or lose home advantage) We have championship & tournaments for subbing and mb wars. It's near impossible to defend offline these days!

Auto subs is a brilliant idea! but only on an 8hr timer type system to allow subbing offline while we sleep! it should only be able to be use once a day, that way you would still have to be active to defend the other 16hrs! This would really help teams that are asleep in championship or tournament games.

Lastly a second city, GVG championships, and more strategy adjustments would be great aswell.


24/12/16 18:13
Totally agree. Automatic subs seems a no brainier if the developers want to encourage a worldwide audience. If they won't how about changing the league games to 9.pm at night (UK) time to at least give the others on the other side of the world a chance?
27/12/16 23:34
I have submitted a ticket about this. In my view 12PM GMT is probably the best time for championship matches. 1PM Euopean time. 2PM SA Something like 9-11PM Aus/Nz and 6-8AM in the Americas.
I think it would work for most. Lunch in Europe, Evening in Ausralasia and Breakfast in Americas.
Unfortunately it was ignored.
12/08/17 22:21
I Would still like to see player settings hidden! This would make the game far more enjoyable! Why should someone that I beat 20 times plus be allowed to copy my player settings? It's a joke! And needs to be changed.