Merry Christmas

25/12/16 07:09
Merry Christmas everyone
25/12/16 07:50
Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a blessed day filled with happiness and joy.
25/12/16 09:31
Merry Christmas all you lovely people! Hope Santa's sack was full and emptied just for you
25/12/16 22:27
Merry Christmas all! Hope you've all had a great day! Love from all at International Lions
01/01/17 21:54
Since its now 2017 isnt this off topic and i need of closing so we can discuss collusion and unethical moderation.
01/01/17 21:57
This thread would have self closed due to no comment had there been no comment.
01/01/17 22:01
Is the name 'Black Monks' not racist?
01/01/17 22:06
Colors do not refer to race the vast majority of the times, sorry your world is so entrenched in identity politics. I attended a Benedictine college and helped found the rugby club. Our original team, decades before me, were the black friars, because Benedictine brothers wear black cassocks. However, Benedictine brothers are monks not friars so we changed the name to black Monks. Only you make it racial
01/01/17 22:09
Is this guy stalking you bluemooners or whatever your name is?
01/01/17 22:11
The Man from Delmonte :

Is this guy stalking you bluemooners or whatever your name is?

Wait, he calls me out as racist and I'm the stalker? What world do you two live in and why have you caused a merry Christmas thread to deteriorate so sadly?

To the moderator, please feel free to delete my comments and get this back to a merry Christmas thread like it should be