Toughest opponents

02/03/17 15:13
If they decline to make any real changes to gameplay remember we have a fall back if parking lots, ice cream vans, pubs and massage parlors. If this is sim city with a rugby club and not a rugby game with a city let's get more city toys
03/03/17 07:55
Caernarfon RFC :

El's Dynamos :

I'll probably collate the ideas and put them on a ticket at the end of the weekend by the way...

Great idea, and effort, but I doubt these fellas will take any notice. They cant take even read the tickets properly judging by the replies I get.

Heres an idea Els, write the ticket in French too, this may be met with a better response. Also I would suggest that you indicate that the suggestion has the vast support of players.

I was going to google translate it anyway - unless anyone here speaks fluent French?? My pigeon school french is unlikely to cut it...
04/03/17 23:31
Great thread.

By far the toughest opponent i have faced is Gilbert, his strats rock!
05/03/17 01:38
Its one of mine