GC 48hr delay

15/03/17 11:00
Is there a reason you can not play a GC that you are part in a Guild you have just joined...yet you can be challenged??
Surely drop this 48hr rule OR change it so that you are not selectable. Unfair advantage to the opposing Guild otherwise.
Unless I am missing a valid reason.

Thanks in advance.
15/03/17 14:06
You aren't missing anything. I agree that one that is unable to challenge, is able to be challenged is unfair.

Members of Webb Ellis guild have touted proudly that they are responsible for this rule. I suppose one of their prolific posters could supply you with a satisfactory explanation.

15/03/17 22:18
It stops teams swapping in and out of guilds to play challenges, other guilds also complained about this just not webb ellis. what guilds were doing this happened to us is they would start a challenge with just 12 teams a couple of high ranked teams the rest low stars with few fans, once the challenge had started all of a sudden the guild would be back to 25 teams and all the so called newcomers would be high ranked high fans so they could get a easy win
16/03/17 20:08
It stops corrupt alliance guilds (like the one Beastie is proudly a member of) cheating and bringing in ringers for certain gvg match ups. Want to blame someone? Blame Bluebloods/International Lions/Lomu Legends and Arena who were swapping teams in and out of 4 guilds depending on their match ups.
16/03/17 20:45
Maybe you misunderstood my response Bluemooners, I did not blame your guild, merely stated that Webb Ellis claim responsibility for the enforcement of this rule. Which they have on this very forum.

However your contrived response is expected.

16/03/17 20:46
Bluemooners your over stepping the mark again
16/03/17 21:12
Colstons :

Bluemooners your over stepping the mark again

A simple retraction would suffice.
17/03/17 01:46
Beastie Socks Bloomers...thank you that explains that and fair comment...jeez some guilds really do take this too serious then, but hey guess the rest of us will have to take it on the chin...no winners there then. But it should be across the board...if u join a guild you are omitted from selection therefore no challenge either way. Thanks again.
18/03/17 19:10
For sure
18/03/17 22:31
Keep egging him on boys, let's get rid of another anti fa non submitter