Ban subs unless for injuries

03/02/18 10:34
Yes why not, this game is hardly real is it
10/02/18 13:55
Back on this thread, you’re winning 28-0 after 30 mins then you start subbing your players, what’s the point, there are some total *uckwits out there!!!! Final score 70-0 the point is?
10/02/18 14:42
10/02/18 14:44
I think some of the issues you are having is that your scope of viewing this game is still developing, keep it developing. When you see someone doing something that seems weird you can look at them, assume they're an idiot and talk trash, or you can look at it and ask, what is their motivation, where is the gain?
12/02/18 19:32
Shit idea, it’s part of rugby and this game.
Maybe it’s a good idea for ranking games, but CGs and TGs should allow subs (irrespective of opponent is live or not)
16/02/18 22:22
I don't object to subs. They're a part of the game and they should provide an advantage however I do wonder if the scale of the advantage could be moderated a little by reducing the impact of rhythm on performance. I logged on 10 mins after my league match today to find that I had lost 24-0. I checked and my opponent hadn't trained his players so I played a friendly with no subs and beat him 35-0. That's just a bit too unrealistic for me. I've tried a few strategies but so far I haven't found a way to beat a half decent strategist who is subbing players.
16/02/18 22:44
I forgot to mention that I had full match bonus on in my match today. If anyone wants to check or to offer any advice I'm in a guild called British and Irish Lions which has a little under 3 million fans. My team is called Clearliers Crusaders and I'm a right hand.