Level 25 strat tower

26/02/18 17:14
Is there a big difference having lvl 25 strat towers compared to 24.
26/02/18 18:09
26/02/18 18:11
Or an improvement of just over 4% depending on how you want to do your maths. 12%-12.5%
26/02/18 19:09
Ok thanks
27/02/18 07:40
Times 3 if you have them all and upgrade them all.
27/02/18 14:22
I always look at the top players construction when a new level is introduced. The top strategy players usually will upgrade their 3 strats right away or 2 strats and the training grounds. The fanboy guilds go straight to the stadium upgrade. So the real thing is to find a group of people who play the way you want to play and watch what they do. I will never let my strat buildings or training grounds go neglected
27/02/18 23:16
Some with deep pockets just do them all instantly with gold balls. Just imagine what you could do with the massive competition prize if someone finally wins it.