Being ripped off

12/04/18 12:05
12/04/18 13:06
Did you also pay the £19.99 for el presidente Coach Pink Fluffy ears secret super awesome strategies and tips and not get the promised set of steak knives?
12/04/18 14:18
I'm still waiting on my knives. And setting everything to 0 hasn't worked well for me at all
12/04/18 15:45
How come you we being ripped off by paying more for players using a phone compared to a lap top. £9.99 for a player on phone £3.53 on laptop, surely this is morally wrong, and getting given players by the game, then having them taken back that is not good PR for the game.
12/04/18 15:47
and then soon as you purchase the price goes up this is bad.
12/04/18 16:26
Welcome to capitalism.
12/04/18 16:35
I’m going to ask Apple or iTunes to investigate this.
12/04/18 18:34
Their response will be similar to this
12/04/18 22:24
I’m going to try anyway
12/04/18 22:59
I've heard Cuba makes sure to regulate all prices for their people