Idea a good idea.. a level 20 playing a level 60 for gold balls, crazE

18/04/18 00:56
Hi.. how can a level 10 team be playing against a level 50 team for the special tournaments.... whats the chances of smaller teams actually winning the tournaments, the ones that DO actually need the rewards... what's the purpose of a full visa'd team winning all the way to claim the ultimate price... surely a level 20 team will not win the no.1 prize.

Why can the special tournaments not be level specific?????
21/04/18 12:06
Or handicapped
21/04/18 14:06
we call them mobility impaired these days
21/04/18 14:38
Targaryen Dragons :

we call them mobility impaired these days

Whoa, that was so last week, it's otherwise able