La Cag

06/11/18 20:41
What a GC that was lads. Other than the fixing of league matches you lads are one hell of a guild. You got us but was closer than last time, only 2 of your boys left. Well done, until next time, rest easy.

Big love,

07/11/18 18:56
Wow is almost a message of friendship. your guild was better this shot here.bravo
07/11/18 20:43
Ha ha, yeah almost but I can't see past the match fixing. You have a strong enough guild without it dude, so I hipe that one day you will change your ways.

Anyway, congrats on a great GC, you deserved the win.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

13/11/18 02:58
Both of you guys are my facebook friends, i’d like to see another gc round between you two as you guys are pretty close. Good luck chappies waiting for the next bout