so long - thanks to all guilds i;ve been a part of

15/08/18 00:05
The time has come for me to retire in simple I no longer enjoy the game so I've left all my teams on the lose formation as I refuse to play against people who arent playing the game fair. The fact i knew who would win my previous league before we'd even played a game was the point in my mind i'd made my mind and once I was correct that was me done in the game thats not a game to me thats league fixing to me so for that reason i'm out I said to my guild Yukabed would win and he did I'm sorry the man shouldn't even be on the game.

Furthermore the fact I could win friendlies but play the same team in gc and i'd always happen to lose I don't think has helped and has only made the decision easier to depart so yeah adios from me and thanks to everyone whose ever been part of the guilds i;ve been involved in which is a lot lol
15/08/18 04:48
Sorry to see you go Ash...

... We all know what's been going on for sometime (although they'll never admit it). It's painfully obvious when you get a team 10 levels lower that runs and doesn't tire when they are only on 64% health and you're on MAX health and looks like your team have broken legs!!!

Fully understand your disgruntlement of the game but I believe SN suck up to "certain" countries because they are the "biggest" cash cow of the game... it's all about the funding at the end of the day.

Who knows, in the future if they ever decide to get a "conscience" one day that this game will be back to it's glorious state and you may reconsider.

Good luck mate
15/08/18 07:09
17/08/18 11:46
Goodbye Ashley

T B H I'm amazed you hung around this long like you I'm getting sick of this its gone from fun to a challenge & is now becoming a chore.

I have been looking at a few & in the next 10 days I'm going to pick one & give it a month or two then either stick with it & dump this one or dump that one & try another until I find one.

For me the last straw was the recent reset it has been a total farce & as they still wont bring in relegation its only a matter of time before they are forced to do it again.

A couple of teams in my guild did very nicely out of it one of which has gone from 9 levels behind me to two as he really hit the jackpot with the change & he could well close it even more this season to think he could close 8 or 9 levels on anybody in 3 seasons is a bloody joke.

It was a total lottery in my case it made almost no difference to my 2nd team. but after spending a little over two seasons holding players back in the subs & training the crap out of them I let them loose in my first team & won the league with ease & had it not been for the reset I should have been top three at worst the following season as almost all of their main points were maxed out but that reset totally screwed them up & I'm still playing catch up with the couple I still have now I sold most of them for sweet F A because I was not spending 2-3 seasons getting them back to where they were again.

Cheat Nitro can claim what they like but I knew my first team were stuffed as soon as I looked at the teams in my league the season after the reset actually I was surprised I even managed to scrape 9th I expected a bottom two finish against that opposition.

To add to that I complained about a team & they came back & told me he had been banned well he is still there & although he has modified the trick twice because they have done something he is still more or less doing it so telling me he was banned was just B S.

If they had just replied tough we wont stop him I would not have been happy but at least it would have been honest but to lie like that has totally pissed me off.

I have also pointed out we either need level 27 & 28 buildings or a redesign to add more plots for extra buildings to keep interest in the game there is already room for at least 10 plots around the outside of the current ones so they could just modify the current design without for now at least even have to change the basic design but they have not even replied to that.

Now I just give up they seem to have run out of ideas & wont listen to anybody who has one.

I can also see them pulling the plug on the game at some point in the future only to bring it back again after a few months with everybody having to start from scratch again so the money that will slowly stop being ploughed into this one will start flowing in again in the new restarted one.
19/08/18 18:09
20/08/18 03:08
ShaunC :


20/08/18 10:25
Not sure beating Ashley 30-0 was much of a welcome though
21/08/18 14:17
Having said he was back I think he has abandoned the team again played him a couple of times & still the same suicidal line up
21/08/18 19:24
Hi Shaun I read the forum unlike the moderators but no I'm inactive and will continue to have the lose strat on just to show my disapproval of how the game has been run into the ground got no intentions of playing did you like my invite to the new guild lol?

Also at this moment i'm only logging in to see how nitro responded to me sending them screenshots of me changing there forum I can't for the response I will post in a min again how they responded
21/08/18 19:32
Ha they aint even read the ticket I sent them shame it had a nice photo attattched to it as well Gregory knows what I mean the one where I changed the forum to read silly things that I posted on FB page . What was it Iranian football champions in the guild and a Ideas on how to make the game more biased is what I changed the ideas section to it was a laugh best thing is if they see it they'll probs ban me so if I go quiet you know i've been banned lol