held to ransome

17/11/16 19:54
is the developers of this game going to buckle under pressure from the so called top guilds from iran when for months the rest of us have been complaining and the game has lost some of its top players!! now the iranian guilds are not getting their own way they are threatening to quit the game i say let them go and lets try and play this game how it should be
17/11/16 20:40
I agree taffy put the real guilds back where they belong yours would be right up there with us would love to see your team in a challenge
17/11/16 22:30
18/11/16 00:04
What could they possibly be asking for? What more do they need?
18/11/16 00:14
I don't know I just surely can't be all Iranian maybe more flags like Yemen or Oman aint big nations in world football but I don't think anything major I'd love to get a translator on one of there posts and then just google translate
18/11/16 01:07
I do like how some of the non-Iranian guilds have reacted with guild name changes...priceless!
18/11/16 01:15
Okay, according to reliable sources, the Iranians want non-Iranian guilds to be kicked out from the top 10 // they want massive discounts for the packs and gold balls they buy // they want their connections in admin to continue providing them with free top players and gold balls (as this is done very openly) // they want more home matches than other teams // they want Sublinet to programme match results in their favour // they want to be the only wankers to be allowed to buy palyers from Auction House // they want all free kicks and penalties to be awarded to them always with no yellow cards given // they want to be allowed to use MB at 100% as they cannot win anything without MB // they want to be permitted to cheat in Guild Challenges // they want to worship Christ Jesus and denounce their country and religion as a lot of them are now using flags from other countries as they are ashamed of their own country!!!

Also, Friends is actually an Iranian guild & tried to cheat once by getting the impotent dead man & brock the pest to join them for GC against Team Wales! Haha! They regretted that move as we blew off the 2 idiots aside like dust in the wind by using our lower rated teams to destroy them.

Okay, I am going to speak to my friend, Ayatollah Whoever now on the phone to ask why are Iranians ashamed of their country, i.e incest? sodomy? inhumane treatment of females? ......I wonder what his replies will be..........

Guess what, Sublinet will bow down and kiss their feet and call them gods!!! ????

Take the aforementioned statement with a pinch of salt and lots of pork fats. LOL

Hope Sublinet has a sense of humour, albeit, that's most unlikely the case!

Have fun, with best wishes from the KING OF IRAQ!!!!

18/11/16 13:37
nice 1 simpleman well said but i expect the developers will give them what they want
18/11/16 14:46
And what will be left? An all-Iranian Football Champions 2...... and the rest of us will take up......field hockey (with no ill will meant to field hockey players across the globe).
18/11/16 16:17
It's kinda already like that anyway last season opening day I was beat 8-0 by a guy so cos I didn't believe he was that good I played him back I won 2-0 and he barely got a shot at goal it's just a disgrace so much racism and discrimination going on if only we displayed the right flag I wonder if they'd treat us different