New Version

17/06/18 17:35
If any one's interested there is a more up to date version of this game called FC2018 discovered it a few weeks a go looks loads better than this version
18/06/18 09:25
yes my friend me and ash have played this game for already a month or so... apparently it is good but they havent madde gcs yet
18/06/18 19:16
yes they have made guilds so you can create your own but as for challenges if its like this 1 you be needing 20 teams now instead of 10
19/06/18 01:22
Where do we find this game? A google of FC2018 hasn't come up with anything? Id love to try it and maybe switch over if its modelled better that the SN games.
19/06/18 16:44
only found it thru facebook not showin on their page yet
21/06/18 21:00
yeah it;s on Facebook it's not great tbh I'm a bit bored with it
22/06/18 00:51
Haven't played it in a long time, but used to love Managerzone. They have a 3D graphics engine, National team, True relegation/promotion. Leagues are all in your own country, but tournaments cross countries. They used to be banded by start date.