Windows version

18/01/21 11:37
Hi guys,

Due to Flash's end of life, we have had to discontinue the browser version of the game. Unfortunately the embedded chromium executable we provided was also impacted so it has now been replaced with a proper windows program.

You can download the installer on the game's page:
If you have trouble installing the game, please check our help page:

Facebook login is supported as well as email/password. If you have forgotten your password, you may use the recovery tool here:

If you are totally stuck, contact the support team through the old browser version so that we can identify your account and we will assist you.

Because some users on the browser version had multiple teams, we have added a feature to enable account switching in the latest update (7.36).

1. Log in with a team
2. Open the game options
3. Use the "Create log in shortcut" feature
4. Try again if ever it fails (it happens randomly, still debugging these edge cases)
5. You can now use the shortcut on your desktop to launch the game and log in to the account easily.
6. Repeat for each of your teams

For all of you on Mac, Linux or Windows Surface.. unfortunately we don't have a solution for you. Please use the mobile versions or check out an android emulator such as Bluestacks. Also, the latest Macs also allow installing iOS apps.

If you have any issues, please reach out to the support team.

Please share the news with your fellow guild mates.

Enjoy the game!
18/01/21 21:29
What do you do if you've never been given the option to recover your lost account. I have dark destroyer to which i've got access to and use. However i've no access the Not good just better in rebels which was created by me nor my ashley longthorn account in England 2066 also created by me ( sorry guys in england 2066 if you're reading )
24/01/21 12:37
Do you still have to use Chrome though if so my lost teams can stay lost.

You only have to look at the cover of the latest issue of Computer Active to see that the experts are now saying dont use Google & if you buy it & read it then still use Google then you must be a fool.
30/01/21 12:22
I love the post made by Fada is complete rubbish i had alot on my hands yesterday so I actually had a bit of an expirement to see how I can switch between two accounts without playing on two different devices i've managed to make it work on the rugby but not on the football

Logged into my facebook
Went into old browser and click play on windows
to which you download the file and press to run the game on whichever account that facebook links to
you then get several options in how you want the game to open whther this be email , Facebook ect ect (Email doesn't work)
I went in via facebook to which it then asks you to copy a code (you cannot copy and paste the code)
You then go into the options menu once the game has loaded and press create login short cut
you will then find a shortcut login appear on the desktop

in order to switch account you then need to swap facebook and repeat the above process NIGHTMARE but once done the shortcut does work and you don't need facebook or any code once you have created a shortcut once you've got it for as long as you wish
06/02/21 15:05
Stuff that not sure I'm going to be here much longer anyhow with even just the one team. All of this promotion or at worst stay where you are is getting on my tits if they put in an top level & started relegation then maybe it would become interesting again.

This game has been same old same old for too long were it not for being stuck at home thanks to Covid I would have quit about May last year. but with a 4 month trip to the USA having gone down the pan I was stuck with little else to do.
17/07/21 15:20
18/07/21 14:06
22/02/22 14:03