Academy building

19/04/16 13:45
Is there any chance of adding an academy building as an alternative way of getting new players?
19/04/16 15:07
How do envisage this working in the game ?
19/04/16 16:42
It's been suggested a lot of times in the French section - the gist of it mostly being it produces a number of 18 year olds at an appropriate level each season, number and/or points depending on level of the building.
22/04/16 13:52
This would also have to work in accordance to your teams division too. But this could pitentially work. Or maybe a 2nd auction house to get more recruiter points so you can buy better players
28/04/16 10:44
They should start at 16 when you pick a position for them then at 18 they can play. They should have no score until they are 18 and come in +/-10% of players you currently field in that position. 4(?) should come through from the academy 2 to keep, 1 must be sold and 1 rejected. Perhaps the level of academy controls how many you can the number that come out and can be sold for recruiter points.