Guild challenges uneven matchups

15/09/17 18:49
The game must match up guilds by fan numbers in challenges. Why don't they use team levels or team quality average. Or would that be too much to ask !. They collect enough cash out of game, maybe make it competitive and fair. seems that one country and their teams get all the breaks !
18/09/17 18:56
Oh you've noticed
28/09/17 11:15
Very poor set up with guild selections for challenges. About time this was adjusted to have a higher percentage of FAIR guild challenges. Use team levels in each guild and find a close match with another guild... This is not rocket science, not hard at all. But as others have said, the Game running people don't care !
28/09/17 21:16
Yeah I'm in a guild on the rugby and minus myself and one other member the guys won't upgrade there stadiums so we never see the top teams despite having 4 players over 200 rated obvs where on a stupid wining streak cos all we see is guilds well below our level