Chelsea team's lack of balls !

03/01/18 15:38
The idiot Chelsea from E.P.L guild is still going along with his crap today. Just played my level 13 mate again for the 4th time, won 20-0.
My question, does anyone know this wankers email or how can contact him .
Maybe when he reaches puberty he will outgrow his childish bullying as a level 46 team playing level 13 over and over. Any ideas ?
03/01/18 16:01
Hi guest , I've got Chelsea email it is
03/01/18 16:06
on a serious note tho theres not much you can do - I once got my entire guild to play a game on a guy I disliked because he changed his name to insult our members so overnight we bombarded him with friendlies winning or loosing we wasn't bothered idea behind it was he woke up to a silly amount of friendlies on his schedule soon stopped him after about a week of us continuously playing the guy.
03/01/18 16:24
Perhaps he should start smoking the cigarettes with filters, not the ones he has rolled !. Joint leader on that guild !. Does the same crap to his whole guild. Think that : 1/ he plays game onehanded. 2/ is a mummies boy 3/ can't hack the pressure of a even level match up.... As stated- No balls !. Hope someone can pass on our love to the Chelsea clown !
03/01/18 16:44
Also I believe I have sent you an invite to join rebels as we have a space if you do fancy joining obvs no pressure but I'd happily get your team a double promotion for a few seasons running just to get you going in the right direction.
03/01/18 16:45
Maybe will contact Anfield mates to pass on our " love" of Chelsea team with old school Liverpool kiss !
03/01/18 16:51
And No thanks to any invites.
03/01/18 23:38
He's currently 4th so must be doing something right
04/01/18 00:06
Lights out UK, I see you are in his guild. We are not doubting his team, just can't work out why he plays my level 13 mate four times in friendlies. What does that prove ! Leave him alone please, play a Irani team they love numerous friendlies. Or at least play teams closer to Chelsea's level 46 , stop being a bully.
04/01/18 11:33
Found out he is testing things out but also he is traveling a lot almost every day & just messes about to Overcome the boredom of it so goes out to see just how bigger silly score he can get just for a laugh. But also with his games against his guild he will offer advice he is currently coaching three guys in the Guild one has already made a lot of improvements & another one now looks on his way he only started with the other one on Tuesday but got the guy a shock win yesterday. so there is a reason for it