08/11/15 12:49
Played my 4th championship game today. Before the match I was 2nd with 12 points and a +26 goal difference. Played game 4, won 17-0 and no points, goal difference or games played have changed, but I have dropped to 3rd now

Any ideas??
08/11/15 16:13
Sometimes it takes abit to register. Happened to me a couple of times. Was OK when I logged when I quit and restarted app.
08/11/15 20:06
How do you schedule a championship game?
08/11/15 22:29
Have you dropped below a team with less points/GD? It's possible that the team eblow you won by a greater margin.
09/11/15 10:26
Well I haven't played a game yet so I'm bottom of the group but no games are scheduled