Playing game in gvg

29/11/16 12:30
I have a team member who cannot play any games in the gvg. He has tried deleting and re installing the game but still unable to challenge anyone in the gvg? Any ideas?
29/11/16 13:44
Are you sure he was selected for the guild challenge?
29/11/16 13:47
Yes, he advised me that he couldn't play his games.
29/11/16 15:08
Log a support ticket with all the details (guild name, player name, opposition guild and problem experienced).

29/11/16 15:26
Make sure there is 25 players playing in opposite side. It could also be that someone joined their guild after the challenge started meaning that he will not be included. If they 25 guys follow QBalls advice
29/11/16 17:21
thanks for the help and advice.