Home game advantage

24/12/16 13:22
What is the home game advantage pre set at? Its similar to match bonus but what has the developers made it?
24/12/16 16:50
I believe the developers agreed there is home advantage but claimed nothing was programmed. I did not hear this directly so please correct me if I am wrong. The new ranking system has shown that pretty much all the home teams win and shuffle the order constantly. They will never settle down until the interception problem is fixed.
25/12/16 00:34
A little research has shown it's the equivalent of another strategy building from what I remember reading a while back
25/12/16 08:28
I actually dont think its a strategy building advantage on all stats to the home team, I think its only some stats that dont have the strategy bonus applied, reason for my thinking this is my scrums, rucks and lineouts function the same home and away but my reception is a whole different story