28/06/17 21:40
Please can we get preset player strategies?

We can create and save lots of different strategies, and even switch between them during a match. But player strategy settings may need to be quite different for each strategy, and it's a pain having to change 15 players settings manually every time.

Would it not be possible to create and save preset player strategies as well?
28/06/17 21:55
Been asked for many times. I would develop more unique strats if this was done but I fear it won't be. Too bad really, unanimous support usually comes for this idea
29/06/17 14:29
There definitely is unanimous support for this, especially as it would be in keeping with the real game. Calls from the touchline to "stick it up the jumper" when narrowly ahead with not long to go are very common.
29/06/17 15:26
Phusion is talking about the individual settings. Rhythm, speed, etc for each player. The optimal individual settings changes based on your style.

What you are suggesting would also be great, but it would also take a lot more coding and a lot more space on our devices, both factors making it unlikely. But a solid idea if it could be done
29/06/17 18:08
It was meant as an analogy, "stick it up the jumper" meaning changing a whole set of players individual strategies to coincide with a change in team strategy during a game. The coding is already there for the Team Strategy changes so it wouldn't be that difficult to copy and amend the code. I've suggested before, an additional "linked tab" could be used for this.

Team Strat 1 - Linked to - Players Strat1
Team Strat 2 - Linked to - Players Strat 2

I would imagine even the developers would be interested in doing this as it would be a test of their talents, however, at the end of the day I guess it all comes down to money and how much they can invest in developing the game further.
29/06/17 19:01
Ah, gotcha. Thought you were saying strats for plays, such as killin time. Even if they couldn't link individual strat to teak strat just allowing us to flip the 'switch' on all individual strats at once would be good. Your way is great and I would accept good. Heck, I would accept adequate right now with this area.