How does the challenge points work?

23/02/20 18:27
We are blackvenom we are trying to become a top 100 guild we had 45 challenge points before playing the big easy as did we. We beat the big easy our points have not changed so we've made no progress in our goal and big easy have lost 3 like can't understand why only reward we are getting is RP and we keep winning GC's but where not getting any better quality guilds im not saying where top draw but when you are consistently beating teams around you surely you should move up the ladder not stay same or go backwards?
23/02/20 20:47
It will be because it is done on a rolling time period and you replaced three points, with three points you won previous.
23/02/20 20:49
Personally it would make or sense if they did a bias, where your points gained more recently mattered more, but the algorithm could be a sod to make up.
25/02/20 11:36
Plus you are playing GC's less frequently. Despite winning a few Gc's in a row, we lost 3 pts in that period.
If the period of time for the total calculation was reduced, you would probably find a hod of teams would be on the same points. I think 3 months is about right.