New phone

03/05/20 18:32
Hi. I have a android phone. This will need replacement soon. What is the procedure to transfer game progress to new phone. (Also android). Kind regards.
04/05/20 03:57
If you play the game by using your Facebook login, then you can just use the same Facebook login. Soz but that’s the only thing I know, I don’t use Android
04/05/20 07:26
The game is either hooked up to fb or to a gmail account. If it's facebook you will need to sign into it first on your mobile and then upload RM and sign in on the game.
If it's gmail then you will need to use that account on your new phone and sign in with that address.
05/05/20 00:30
If your old and new phones are both Samsung and you activated your Samsung ID, you should just be able to log on when you 'unwrap' your new phone for the first time and all the apps will be downloaded automatically from the cloud.

Otherwise, as above.