Top Guilds Lists

09/02/16 02:57
Currently the top guilds gets determined by their fans, whats gonna happen when more than 1 guild have all 25 teams fans maxed out? Its gonna end up with all guilds eventually having the same fans.. Cant you rather change it so that top guilds gets determined by something else like wins/losses or make a challenge board where the top guilds can challenge each other for positions on the list. Like if your guild is no4 then you can challenge the guild in no3 place, if you win your guild move into 3rd
09/02/16 03:19
No point in this question until your guild is close to maxing out. And im guess you guild is awhile away. and keep in mind the update increased bank capacity so I'm sure they have something in the work.
09/02/16 14:47
We've been wondering this for a while. My assumption is they will just make more stadiums. If they make any major changes to the structure of how it works it will piss a lot of people off for moving the goal posts
09/02/16 14:59
Have to say I don't see the point of it being by fans - who cares about that? GvG wins would be much more interesting.
10/02/16 10:02
Well at this point being ranked on gvg would be pointless since most of the guilds we play are ranked in the top 10 based on overall quality of our guild and 60% of gvg rounds ending in a draw. So it would be an unrealistic ranking until they either remove MB or change the points system for gvg. Would be alot better if it recorded all wins and loses home and away.
10/02/16 10:14
Ashley Whitehead :

Would be alot better if it recorded all wins and loses home and away.

Agreed. We might even be top on that.
21/02/16 06:22
The guild I'm in is in the top 20 but that's not why i posted this, i been seeing its gonna become a problem when there is guilds who's players all have max fans. If the top 10 guilds all have the same amount of fans, they would have all had to be in 1st position in top guild list.. I think a better system would have been where theres a list with say 50 rated guilds, if you not on the top 50 list you have to play guild in no.50 position, if you beat them, your guild takes the no.50 spot from them. To move up in the list you must basically challenge and beat the guild in the next position on the list... Or maybe even create a system where guild challenges work on the same points system that the championship works on.
Also instead of giving extra points for away matches or subtracting points for losses, a easy way to fix the draws in GC is to have a playoff match to determine the winner if both guilds scored 10 points for a draw.
21/02/16 23:12
Maybe the developers will just increase the max number of fans!
23/02/16 09:38
down with bob the builders and rank guilds by wins .. bob never played rugby lol
23/02/16 10:29
guest_1443102104878 :

down with bob the builders and rank guilds by wins .. bob never played rugby lol

Are you sure about that?
Bob deans 24 matches in black
Bob scott 52 matches
Bob duff 18 matches
Bob Bennett 1 matches
Bob O'Dea 5 matches
Bob Burgess 30 matches
Bob Lendrum 3 matches
Bob Barber 6 matches

All up bob has played 139 matches for the all blacks alone we should wership him