Poor Kicking -Maxed out Kickers missing easy Penalties & Conversions

24/05/16 18:00
What has happened to this game? you train up your kickers to be the best for their level and they still kick like total rookies, Why is this happening when an experienced kicker who was kicking successfully from 50m is now missing from in front of the posts. the odd miss I can understand but when they are missing 3 out of 4 kicks that's just wrong.
24/05/16 18:16
Had the same issue with motionless kickers, now it's down to the odd miss with a few tweaks.... But certainly something changed at end of last season !
Don't think mine had missed for a few seasons, then couldn't get one all of a sudden.
24/05/16 23:15
Tends to be a problem if you're up against a much better team, or a team using heavy MB. Which makes no sense - a kicker doesn't kick worse against a good team.
25/05/16 06:03
Tends to happen anytime Waspy, I assure you lol
25/05/16 10:30
Kevin Starland : I watched you 5 last matches => 18 tries, 17 conversion succeed. It seems not that bad.
25/05/16 10:34
Can't say I've ever seen it under any other circumstances - not with a maxed out kicker, anyway, happened all the time at the start of the game.
Happened to me last night in the tournament - oppo was obviously using MB from the speed of player movement and lack of subs. My kicker missed the first 6 pens, and I won 3-0, which gives an idea of how high their aggression must have been. Missed them from all over, the one that was slotted was from the left wing.
25/05/16 10:41
The opponent strength or match bonus are obviously not taken into account in the kick.
25/05/16 11:27
Well all I can say is that I don't miss kicks when the opponent doesn't have MB on, I do when they do. In this morning's league game, my kicker scored one penalty, but missed a penalty and a conversion against a side again clearly using MB, but this time also using 15 substitutes. I just managed to win 8-7. I immediately played a friendly against the same team, and although there were another 15 subs from the opponent, this time my kicker managed to score all three penalties. In last night's Tournament game, my kicker missed 6 out of 7 penalties; this morning, in a friendly against the same team, he kicked 3 out of 3.
25/05/16 22:47
I have found that if YOU use high (as opposed to moderate) MB then your kicker performs worse.
25/05/16 23:37
It doesn't happen I friendlies or training matches so if You were watching them it's pointless. It happens in league and tournament games they are the games you need to look at