training games

24/05/16 20:45

My team name is cell c sharks, I am currently level 11 in the championship, the team choices that I have in the training games start from level 13 to level 17, teams that play against my team in training matches start from level 15 upwards.

as I am level 11, it would only be fair that I play against teams that are in my level or level above me and same applies for teams playing against me.

please can you have a look at this as it is demoralizing to work so hard to build you fan base and then higher level teams just humiliate your team in a training match and you lose fans.

your reply would be highly appreciated.

cell c sharks
24/05/16 21:11
Agree with this 100%
Or stop the away team losing fans, the home team should lose them.
25/05/16 13:07
As with Guild Challenges, it appears it's based on supporter numbers, not playing level.

As to losing supporters when challenged, it is rather odd I must say.
27/05/16 13:31
last night in the space of an hour, 3 games played against me and I lost 2,250 fans

yet, when I play a training game and lose, no fans are lost

there seems to be some glitch that needs to be looked into