Health recovery

04/06/16 08:12
If my infirmary is at level 20 and I buy a player with a health recovery of 1.5 what can I expect his recovery to go up to
04/06/16 10:40
I've noticed too that their recovery rates don't increase
04/06/16 11:18
They definitely increase but I'm wondering if I can calculate it before I spend millions and find out that his recovery rate has gone from 1.6 to just 5. He's supposed to be a finely-tuned athlete but looks like I've bought a chain smoker who's eaten too many pies
06/06/16 10:20
With the infirmary level 20, you have a recovery time reduced by -70%
A player with +1.5% energy per hour will recover these 1.5% energy in 18 minutes thanks to your infirmary (60min - 70% = 18min)
Therefore in one hour, he will recover 5% energy (1.5 * 60 / 18 = 5)
06/06/16 10:24
Ok Thanks very much for the reply