Team vs. Player settings

14/06/16 10:48
I was wondering do you guys set both your team and player settings,or do you just set either the player or team settings? At the moment i play with both team and players set up, so im curious if anyone play with just their players set up and team settings on default? or if anyone from admin can please give some advice if its recommended to set either team or players or both.
Example = if i set my team Rhythm to 60%, if i then set player rhythm to 60% as well, do the 2 settings combine to make 120, or does it stay 60%..
so what i want to know, if you want team to play at 60%, what must i set the team and player settings to?
Oh and another thing, whats 4he difference between the new attack spacing setting and attack depth?

sorry if the way i ask the question is confusing, hope u can make out what i wanna know..
14/06/16 10:59
I believe you get the average of team and player settings - so in your example, the player would have rhythm at 60%, but if you had it set to 0 in the team setting, the effective level would be 30%.

14/06/16 23:55
thanks Waspy