Ridiculous fees for players

21/06/16 22:02
I've seen a 85 star (Max is 140 in my group) 28 year old sell for 53000+. There are loads of examples of this. Clearly this is some kind of clever tactic that goes against the spirit of this game we enjoy. The dev's going to do anything about it?
21/06/16 22:13
It's probably players giving up and passing their RP's to their guild mates. If Sublinet don't buck their ideas up soon then you'll see a lot more of this soon!!
21/06/16 22:20
Right now there are 5 players being bought by 1!team for stupid points. Losing faith in the game right now. Can't imagine it's hard for the dev's to explore this
21/06/16 22:31
in lvl21 auction a No 8 aged 30 140* rating sold for over 100K in RP's

21/06/16 22:39
Am in l21 too. Garbage isn't it
21/06/16 22:55
its getting worse i feel every lvl you you rise
21/06/16 23:20
There needs to be an academy do you can create new blood for your team or the best players will continue to go for silly RP's or be getting sold at 29/30 by the players who use their Visa card to aid training.

Although I do believe those transfers are one offs and things will be back to normal soon, unless the game develops a bit though you may see a lot more...
21/06/16 23:55
Ooh, someone has paid 250,000 for a 105*!!!!
22/06/16 00:02
El's Dynamos :

Ooh, someone has paid 250,000 for a 105*!!!!

That's magic
22/06/16 00:03
There is a lot of bid blocking going on which is annoying to say the least. The reality is that the pay to progress system has a finite life (as can be seen by many a MMO game) and without additional challenges it also provides a finishing point to what could be a great system if some material changes were made. Unless and until systematic and significant changes arrive then this game is going to sadly go into terminal decline.