Flower of Scotland - destroyed

01/08/16 19:45
Well, I'm currently running Flower of Scotland. Last night some bugger kicked all but 3 members out of the guild... Shows the importance of vetting the people you make right hands... gutted.

So if any of the old members are reading this and want to come back, brilliant, or if any new members want to really help build us up again from scratch, then you are more than welcome.
02/08/16 00:31
From probably one of the longest running guilds in the game. Just keep at it buddy. Building a guild is not by any means easy. Keep inviting people, always get rid of the dead wood, keep conversations going.
02/08/16 08:23
Agree 100%, and only make the trusted a RH.
02/08/16 13:40
I am new & very active - can I join as an English Club?

I do need some help with building up my Club - so loads of questions to ask

I am not a quitter - as I usually like to do very well in games if the support is there

11/08/16 21:52
Are you John Wallace that worked for Stena?
13/08/16 23:01
Happened to me too, I'm running the Ireland's elite guild and had an incentive for members, get past 140000 fans to make right hand! A member got there and ruined the guild! We have got back to normality and most of the members found their way back so it's doable to get your team back together! Best of luck in the future