Scrum Down Ruck Over Drink Up Awards

21/09/16 13:55
As those who may miss the end of season awards on the chat (very active) or those who don't get to see the awards sent via the pm system (or on the website when it's released) don't always catch them I figured here was a good place to start posting them so you can always check in on them. To start off I'll post the last 2 seasons, then when this season ends I'll be posting them here along with any other bits or announcements that we feel may need to be kept for viewing. Enjoy and congratulations/commiserations on any awards you may win!
21/09/16 14:00
End of Season Awards 30/08/2016

Most League Points - Croxton with 59, followed by Al's Academy on 57 and Cheetahs on 56

Most League GA - Croxton takes this one with a record 403, Orlando sneaks into second with 269 and Al's Academy again a bridesmaid with 258

Most Heal Kits Sent - Croxton with 1315, follow in second by Cheetahs with 1079 and Alquin Academicals with 1075

Most Heal Kits Recieved - Orlando running away with 1075, Cheetahs a close second with 1055 and Alquin Academicals following up with 1045

Fewest Heal Kits Sent - Ashton Saints with just 22 sent and 0 requested. Come on we can do better than this!

Result of the Season - Earlsfield and Wellington Booters both tied with 49-0. Biggest wins in a competitive match

GvG Player of the Season - Al's Academy. Several big wins in the GvG, all MB free, against higher opposition. Gateshead (level 17) being the highlight

Most Helpful Player - Cheetahs. Despite the OCD nature of the help, you log into dozens of messages driving people on to improve. Great Job, we notice it bud

Biggest Step Forward - Wagmire. Despite being the top ranked guy he stepped it up again. In a league full of MB, he has found a way to get a double promotion AND finish top. Kudos

The WB Award for Best Post - Wellington Booters retains the award that was named after him for a second season. Another tremendous interview with one of his players, one giant love in!

Naughty Step - Bilsworth Bulldogs. Finished bottom of his league and barely active. Hoping it's just a holiday thing and that the wine and cheese is just too good

The Welcome Back! Award - Earlsfield Elephants. Since stepping down all has been quiet on the western front, but like Dracula he has reappeared from his slumber and come to join us again. Welcome back!

The D'Oh Award - Wagmire takes it this season for his wonderful reaction to 'Forgetting he had his bad strategy on until it was too late' in his GvG defence. He was so devastated that he takes this
21/09/16 14:03
End of Season Awards 14/09/2016

Most League Points - Croxton with 58, followed by Cheetahs and Orlando both on 56

Most League GA - Croxton takes this one with 332, Cheetahs pulls into 2nd with 317 and Orlando on 288

Most Heal Kits Sent - Croxton with 1044, followed in second by Alquin Academicals with 946 and Cheetahs with 916

Most Heal Kits Recieved - Cheetahs takes this one with 934, closely followed by Alquin Academicals on 932 and SeriousFun with 746

Fewest Heal Kits Sent - Bilsworth Bulldogs with just 28, though being on holiday with the enemy accounts for this

Result of the Season - Croxton takes this one with a 0-56 defence win in the GvG

GvG Player of the Season - Not even a debate, it's Orlando with an INCREDIBLE 21 successful defences this season!

Most Helpful Player - Cheetahs. Despite the OCD nature of the help, you log into dozens of messages driving people on to improve. Great Job, we notice it bud

Biggest Step Forward - Orlando takes this one, seems to have stepped it up to another level frustrating both Cheetahs, SeriousFun and all other teams that come to take him on. Impressive season

The WB Award for Best Post - Wellington Booters retains the award that was named after him for a Third straight season. Another tremendous interview with one of his players, his bunch sure are a strange lot!

Naughty Step - Western Province. Played in the first 2 GvG matches but then disappeared and hasnt played one since August. Needs stepping up here bud

The Welcome Back! Award - The Flying Horses takes this one. After all this time I have finally seen him post in the chat! Plus getting active with auctions and smashing it in the GvG. Welcome Back!

The D'Oh Award - It was close all season but yesterday someone ran away with the award and claimed it. Croxton... Yes I tried to be cute and give a level 2 guy some free money in the GvG by losing but even with 0% on EVERY part of the strat he fumbled and I scored. Not living this one down still to this day, Shocker!
30/09/16 11:11
End of Season Awards 30/09/2016

Most League Points - Croxton with 60, followed by Cheetahs and Orlando both on 58

Most League GA - Croxton takes this one with 400, Cheetahs pulls into 2nd with 387 and Orlando 3rd again on 370

Most Heal Kits Sent - Cheetahs takes the crown this time, all hail! A mighty 1251 sent this season, well done! Croxton is in second with 1250 and Alquin Academicals bringing up the rear with 1004

Most Heal Kits Recieved - Cheetahs takes this one with 1108, closely followed by Alquin Academicals on 1051 and Black Monks with 1002

Fewest Heal Kits Sent - Bilsworth Bulldogs takes this one with 23, hope you let us know if/when you're rejoining the land of games soon bud

Result of the Season - Armadillo 666 with a 0-49 defence in the GvG, think they underestimated you there slighty fella

GvG Player of the Season - Orlando again sweeps the board with another mammoth 19 defences in the GvG and all against far higher ranked players. Hell of a run you're on at the minute!

Most Helpful Player - Alquin Academicals takes this for the masterminding of many GvG wins, including Operation Agincourt which was a stunning success, so Merci Mon General!

Biggest Step Forward - Grove takes this one this time around. From struggling in the league, he addressed his tactics with the guild then reeled off wins in 10 of his last 11 matches to finish 1st in his league

The WB Award for Best Post - Sadly, and for the first time, the man taking the award isn't the man it's named after. This season it's Cheetahs. As there were no standout creative posts I have to give this for the copious amounts of drunken ones sent by you buddy. You deserve this!

Naughty Step - Bilsworth Bulldogs. Sadly again he is here, but when everyone else is showing such great form it can't be anyone else. No GvG games played and missing out on promotion, starting to look like you may never properly come back

The D'Oh Award - This season, after narrowly missing out the last few seasons, Cheetahs takes the award! Multiple drunken nights on the chat literally talking to himself, funny as hell but when you ask a dumb question then not only answer it but also chastise yourself for saying it this has to go to you!

The Outstanding Achievement Award for Specific Awesomeness - This has to go to our own SeriousFun. Many of you may not realise it but the Website for our guild, like the deathstar, is fully functional. There has been life getting in the way but passwords will be being sent out today. Graphics courtesy of yours truly but ALL of the codeing is down to this man so here's to you
14/10/16 10:59
End of Season Awards - 14/10/2016

Most League Points - Cheetahs with 59, followed by Orlando with 55 and Alquin Academicals on 54

Most League GA - Cheetahs takes the crown finally with 393, Croxton languishes in 2nd with 313 and Orlando 3rd yet again on 289

Most Heal Kits Sent - Croxton restores the order and takes this with 1077, Cheetahs is gallently in 2nd place this time with 997 and Alquin Academicals take the final spot with 935

Most Heal Kits Recieved - Alquin Academicals finally overthrows Cheetahs on 865, Cheetahs follows closely on 842 and Black Monks in third with 804

Result of the Season - Not in question here Black Monks takes it this season. 63-0! No it may have been playing down as it was the last remaining team but any time you put 9 converted tries past anyone it deserves the award

GvG Player of the Season - Orlando again takes the award, making this almot his very own, with 20 defences in the GvG and all against far higher ranked guys. You must give off a scent that encourages people to give you monies!

Most Helpful Player - Wagmire takes this one for his work and entusiasm with the GvG matches. Often waits until last to play and more often than not misses out on games and cash due to it, always selfless even at a cost to himself and often drunk offering valuable insight in guild meetings (you know what I'm talking about Wags!)

Biggest Step Forward - Grove has to take this again for not only winning his league but staying undefeated throughout. Huge difference from just a few weeks ago when you couldnt buy a win, keep it up!

The WB Award for Best Post - He's back!! Thats right Wellington Booters reclaims the award named after him by virtue of arguably his finest team interview to date. God damn hillarious, ingenious and showing just how crazy your head is. Amazing

Naughty Step - New taker of the award this season and thats the illustrious Earlsfield Elephants! El capitano had a little fall from grace by finishing bottom of the league with a 0-13 record. Come on bossman, lets tweak and drag you back to the top!

The D'Oh Award - For the first time, and totally deserved, Alquin Academicals takes this one. After having the general rule of leaving the oppositions top two guys until last so everyone has a chance to get the cash, this man accidentally beats the top guy then has a mad moment and forgets he's supposed to leave the other. Genius level intellect at work clearly!

Welcome Back Award - SeriousFun gets it this season. Now some may be confused as "he's always been here hasn't he" but the answer is no! The man stepped away following what shall be referred to as "the incident" but soon came home and brought his toys back with him

The In the Shadows Award - This one is a special one solely to recognise Armadillo 666. Somehow, in the background, he's solely raised up his game season by season to become a real force. Mix that with being totally selfless alongside Wagmire in the GvG matches and the complete self deprecation when complimented means you had to have this. Congratulations, we certainly noticed even if you didn't want us to!
31/10/16 10:39
End of Season Awards - 31/10/2016

Most League Points - Black Monk and Croxton are both tied here with 58, just edging out Cheetahs on 57

Most League GA - Croxton is back in the swing taking this with a record 414, Alquin Academicals strolls into second with 358 and Chetahs bringing in the rear with 325

Most Heal Kits Sent - A new record, a new person and a big shock as Jungle comes from nowhere to take this with 1402, tied behind but sadly not close is Cheetahs and Croxton with 1231 sent

Most Heal Kits Recieved - Jungle completes the sweep of HK awards with 1207 requested, Cheetahs again in second with 1070 and back in third is Alquin Academicals with 953

Result of the Season - Al's Academy with this one, after multiple wins in the GvG (both wins and defences) of teams literally twice his league level. Cannot pick out one, too consistant this season

GvG Player of the Season - We finally have a new winner, SeriousFun takes tis with a whopping 26 defences this season. Looks like it was poke the kiwi this season but your bark is clearly backed up by a nip there

Most Helpful Player - Alquin Academicals takes this for the various versions of Operation Agincourt, which definitely won us a few very tough and tight GvG games. Our own Napoleon in more ways than one!

Biggest Step Forward - Jungle RFC takes this, while he may have struggled in the league he has taken a step and got way more involved in all other parts of the guild. Feeling like part of the furniture now, once we tweak your strat you'll smash the league too

The WB Award for Best Post - I wasnt sure who was going to take this right up until the penultimate day, when Wellington Booters once again produced a random stroke of genius in his team interview

Naughty Step - This this season we have to give this to the illustrious Earlsfield Elephants. Quitting the game but then not quitting, we're very glad of course, but scaring us like that means you get the full 5 minutes sat there!

The D'Oh Award - Wagmire takes this for the recruitment drive he spearheaded. It may be an American flag but as you saw, the person behind may be something totally different!

The Black Monks is a Special Boy Award - This award is dedicated to those who, completely unintentionally, take out the top guy that we had agreed to leave in the GvG match for farming. This seasons goes to Grove for his wonderful takedown, despite actively trying to lose you just couldnt do it! So for that level of pride from your players you have to take our newest award
31/10/16 13:38
I thought we agreed the name of the last award was going to be, The Monks is a Sexy Beast Award- for those who are not only able to go beast mode in the game but look good doing it.
30/11/16 09:44
End of Season Awards - 30/11/2016

Most league points - Cheetahs with 60, followed by Croxton on 57 and GCCrowdpleasers on 55

Most league GA - Crox 393, followed by Cheetahs on 392 and Jungle on 285

Result of the Season - This goes to a cumulative effort and goes out to everyone who gained yet more double promotions. Special shout-out to Alquin Academicals for staying in the top league and Croxton for finally making it there

GvG player of the season - Red Dragons takes it this season. Despite being a minnow in these lofty ponds he is regularly taking scalps of teams way above himself now

The D'Oh award - Croxton takes this one. Yes your inglorious leader had his phone die at the most inopportune moment so missed the last awards, the start of the season and sent half as many HK's as normal. Damn real life!

The WB award for best post - Cheetahs takes this one for his drunken LONG argument with himself. Still never worked out who won that argument!

Most heal kits sent - Cheetah on 1174, with Jungle smashing into second with 1054 and Orlando on 894 bringing up the rear

Most heal kits Received - Jingle with 992, Cheetahs with 975 and AA with 884

Lowest heal kits sent - Ashton Saints with 24 and Earls with 26

On the naughty step - Ashton Saints. Quiet season so I'm hoping that he'll return with more gusto next season

Biggest Step Forward - Jungle takes this one. Not too long in this guild he is now fully integrated, chatty, getting great results and feels like life wouldn't be the same without him!

Quick announcement time. Now that our guild is looking pretty set we will be looking to start up our academy in the near future. Obviously things can be tricky over the festive period but I will be working alongside Serious fun and Alquin Academicals in setting this up and working it in with the website. This will encourage more interaction and we will be doing things like inter-guild tourneys and promotion/relegation. All of this will run through the site making it far more active and unlock it's full potential. Expect more news over the coming weeks
20/12/16 00:56
Just curious what is the academy your talking about?
20/12/16 23:36
Manawatu.......... Pacific stars :

Just curious what is the academy your talking about?

A second guild basically. People use it to develop smaller teams to eventually join the main guild should they perform good enough.