International lions

04/10/16 06:35
No mb gvg. What a joke u love mb
04/10/16 07:05
Morning SL,

Please could you tell us what match you're referring too?
04/10/16 07:55
Until the day that sublinet provide us, their customers, with the post match MB stats, that we have asked for on many many occasions (even if it's just an MB used yes/no in the stats afterwards ), or remove it as an option in GvGs, people will lose games in a GvG and shout MB.

All I can say is that the instruction is clear to all in IL. No MB in GvG matches ever.

I am aware of 2 incidents in the past where MB has been used in a match. 1 in error, and 1 by a new member who didn't realise.
Can't change once the game played, however on both occasions, an unbeaten higher ranked guild player put on a lose strategy, in order to at least level the scores back up in the GvG.
Both were quite some time ago.

It's a game.
From IL side, we stand by no MB in GvG.
If other guilds choose to use it, that is absolutely their choice. We choose not to.
In our opinion, it is a much better test of strategies, not just in each match, but in selecting opponents to ensure the required number of wins necessary.
Also a great chance for lower ranked teams to test the water v some higher ranked teams.

We enjoy the challenge and look forward to more.
04/10/16 08:22
Whenever we played IL in previous encounters they didn't use MB in my opinion. Still believe their top established players don't!
04/10/16 08:27
Hey BeastieBoys, how are ya, thought you had vanished ?
Good to see you are keeping an eye out
04/10/16 08:51
Haha, I did vanish. Retired from the game a few months ago. Joined SL yesterday to make a slow comeback. Noghtmare with no RP's.
04/10/16 09:06
Well welcome back, good to see ya.
Look forward to you being back to strength.
04/10/16 09:16
Thanks mate! Now tell ya boys to move the slider all the way to the Good challenge so far. GLAD I'm not in it or I'd get smashed up.
04/10/16 09:31
There is a slider ? Thought they only worked in your guild
Must seek that out lol
Inevitable draw me thinks but fun :0)
04/10/16 09:37
Hi Beastie,
Great to see you back.