Credit card warriors

11/10/16 06:01
Can the management let us know who has spent the most on this game? Have they made thier money back? I can't hang in lvl 28 with all these 175 winners.
11/10/16 07:25
There are and there will always be people who use their flexible friend to compete in this game,, it's a simple fact - if they didn't the game probably wouldn't exist as the developers would t get paid... that said I've survived 10+ seasons in the top division now without spending a penny. Make sure you train your guys hard, allocate their training points well and have a good strategy and whilst you might not always win the league you will certainly be competitive.

It might not be as easy as with a load of super kids but my god it's more satisfying.
12/10/16 14:52
Well said, i play a free game thanks to those paying with cards. And it's a fun challenge and al the more satisfying when you beat someone with loads of purchased players
12/10/16 15:51
Also if you beat any players with ease then whats the point in playing much longer, you play to become better and if there's players who you cant beat its obvious you haven't reached that point of being the best yet. layers who spend money on the game is'nt any better or stronger than a player who don't spend a cent, they just become stronger much faster by spending money but apart from time theres no advantage to any "bought" team. Even when teams are maxed, every last skill maxed the difference is still gonna be who's got the most competitive setup, no money, credit cards or gold balls will ever make a team better than someone spending hours fine tuning team and player settings, its quite surprising what a really good setup can do when you understand a bit what you doing, at 100* lvl21 I regularly beat teams with 120 - 130*
12/10/16 16:12
Not just that, from #9 to #15 it really doesn't matter what your line-out stats etc are as you're not in them. A well built player can always compete with a maxed out player if you set your strategy and style up based on what you have/require

I don't need Max reception or penetration for my prop as I don't have him playing that way, and I don't need scrum force for my 15 as he'll never be in one! You can compete with max players if you get the chance to build right, though double promotions make that difficult as 10 points for all skills required to max for that position is not easy. Doable though people so don't fret about credit card warriors, just adjust and win. All the more frustrating if you blow thousands on a game and still lose, that keeps me warm at night
12/10/16 16:22
Croxton what is double promotions you mentioned and what do you mean by "10 points for all skills required to max for that position"?
12/10/16 16:43
If you are in the top 3 of your championship you go up 2 levels, in the next 6 you go up 1 level. Each level the max stat goes up by 5.
12/10/16 16:49
When you finish in the top 3 (unless already in the top division) you go up 2 leagues, 4th to 9th is a single promotion. For each division you go up your guys max stat goes up by 5, so when you jump up 2 leagues it goes up 10

For example, now I'm in league 24 so my Max for any one stat is 155. League 25 the max is 160, league 26 is 165. I've got the championship wrapped up so I'm jumping from 24-26, so all guys who have a stat maxed to 155 will be able to go to 165 next season. This means for any stats I have maxed for a player I need 10 training points to hit max again. There are 24 skills to assign points to, so to put up every skill another 10 takes 240 points. It's very hard to save than many in a season unless the training rate of the player AND the training ground is high enough, so you have to try and save points ready to re-max the stats you deem important for that players position

Hope that explains it
12/10/16 16:54
A specific example is, all of my players have the maximum points you can have in stamina (155). With me jumping 2 levels the maximum I can have will then be 165, therefore I need 10 points to get that to maximum again. I will only do this on skills I feel are needed for that position, starting with most vital first just incase I don't have enough

Get yourself in a good, chatty guild where tactics are shared and I'm sure people will help out giving you tips on your players and where is important. Just remember... NEVER auto assign points unless it's on a maxed player and you have 200+. You want to spend points wisely where they're needed rather than risk a winger getting his scrum attributes raised but leaving off speed!
12/10/16 22:36
ok yes i know what you mean now, wasn't sure what double promotion was but yea i know 1st 3 goes up 2 levels. what is your players training rate, do your players only earn 10 points per day? anyway you only really need to max out about 5 to 10 skills to keep players improving, other skills arent that important and some are completely useless depending on position of player. So a 100 points should be as good as doing everything at once, but still i earn up to 20 points per day, even more when i spend my seasonal gold ball winnings on quick training sessions..
but i still dont see why anyone is moaning about players who spend money on the game, it comes down to, just how bad do you want to win...enough to pay for it?