Unfair 1time offers

12/10/16 15:12
Why didnt price of goldballs get reset before the 1time offers started? Its like game is penalising players who bought gold balls before the offers started. I bought gold balls a few times before the 1time offers and so when offers started the player you get with the goldballs cost the same as the biggezt package i purchased before the offers, and if you want another player the price jumps to higher price everytime. So this week watching a friend play his game who neverbought balls before, when i looked at his 1time offers i notice he's able to buy a player package lower than i was. So his 1st premium player he can buy with the 1st ball package, think 50 balls, my 1st player i had to buy 200balls package and now if i want a 2nd player i have to buy 500 balls.. at 500 balls he would be able to purchase his 4th player package...
12/10/16 15:16
The one time offers price does drop and reset, for the cash option at least as I've never purchased a player, after a while. So if you wait it will drop back down in price, as it's incremental so the more you buy the higher the price. As for the non offer gold balls, they will stay the same price regardless. So if in the mean time, while waiting for the offer price to drop, you need them then that option is still there
12/10/16 15:38
i know the offers where you get the trade coins, health kits and money with the goldballs resets every month or season but not the package where you take the premium player. I also dont mind as much if it dont reset between purchases but they could have at least reset it to start at lowest ball package when the 1time offers started so that everyone could get their 1st premium player buying the same ball package
12/10/16 16:04
Sadly I've never bought a player so couldn't help you there. Maybe there's a couple who still come here that can help understand the issue and shed light on it
12/10/16 16:43
ok so let me try explain it a bit easier in-case someone dont understand exactly what i meant. Say there's 50ball, 100ball, 200ball and 500ball packages, you can get them with either a premium player or with other resources when taken from 1time offers. If you take a 50ball package with a premium player, next time if you want to buy another package with a player you have to buy a 100ball package and after that it would be a 200ball package, so it goes up after every player purchased.

Before the 1time offers started i bought 100ball packages a few times and bought a 200ball package, so when the 1time offers started and i wanted a premium player i had to buy a 200ball package, then I noticed on a friend of mine's game, who never purchased any ball packages before, if he click on 1time offer he's able to buy a premium player by purchasing a 50ball package.

So i want to know why the packages bought before the 1time offers had an effect on which player package you could get as your 1st premium player package, why did I have to buy a 200ball package to get a player when friend would be able to get same player with a 50ball package? he would then be able to get 2nd premium player with 100balls and 3rd player with 200balls. I had to buy 200points for my 1st player and will have to buy 500balls if i want a 2nd player, why couldn't my 1time offers start at the same level as someone who havent bought any packages before, it feels like getting penalized for packages i bought before 1time offers started.

You say you haven't bought a player package in 1time offers yet, so what package balls must you buy to get a player with?
12/10/16 16:59
On my screen, the one time offers thing for a player is a max * player and 200 balls for £15.99 (UK currency) but it's showed as that since it came up. The price has never fluctuated and neither has the amount of balls. It has always been 200 balls and a max player and the price has always been the same, and still was on the last offer that was up 3 minutes ago
12/10/16 22:21
ok thats strange because i definitely saw by a friend of mine he can get a player with a 50 or 100 ball package..