Message for bluemooners

10/02/18 20:03
In actual game play the difference is minimal. But with all attributes being equal, a MB ensures you win more rucks/scrums/lineouts than you lose.
10/02/18 21:55
Wolves it won't work out I shouldn't think, like I said by my calculations I will still be slower even at full mb. I just hope to be close enough say I put up a fight. I am realistic about who I am playing. But with so many balls at stake you've to try haven't you? By the way, which guild are you?
10/02/18 22:17
He's in Arena. Good luck DW.
10/02/18 22:23
Unlucky mate. It was a pleasure to play you.
10/02/18 22:26
Same mate. Even though you really did spank me. Good game, respect where it's due.
And Yeh maybe, my math is out.
10/02/18 22:39
Good to see some true rugby sportsmanship folks
11/02/18 12:45
Nice to be part of some. Rugby is meant to be a gentlemanly sport, I honestly feel some on this forum would be better suited to a football game.
11/02/18 14:08
I give up mooners, can't even take the ball off you let alone move anywhere with it. Too good for me mate. I'm on for double promo so will try again next season.
Managed 21-31 against wolves, 100% energy but admittedly not online. Happy with that score line considering.
11/02/18 20:03
Yeah Wolves has a strong strat, especially offline. Keep tinkering, you'll strike gold at some point.