Videos creating errors

05/10/18 06:23
I sent this to support this morning, anyone else getting this issue?

“Over the years I have repeatedly reported videos that freeze and go into error requiring reboot.

Nothing is ever done about it.
This morning I have attempted dozens of times to play the free videos for recruiter coins on my iPad with constant failures, freezing and errors requiring complete reboot with similar issues on my iPad will not even go past the second of six free videos.

As a paying customer I demand action to sort it.

My equipments is new and both working fine in every other aspect so they are not to blame.

No doubt you are still picking up the clicks from your sponsors and earning revenue while I go round in circles trying to play the game in which I pay for.

And no doubt you will respond with an inane email putting the responsibility back into my.

You have successfully destroyed what is a great game with your ludicrous updates forcing many loyal customers to leave.

I left for a long period and against my better judgement starting playing and paying you money to play.

This will stop until you resolve this problem and I will for a second time report to Apple and obtain a refund of what I have spent.

No other retail business treats their customers with such disdain frankly and it still amazes me you still
have customers spending money.”

05/10/18 12:27
It's likely a connection or network issue.
10/10/18 07:33
Hi, BM in my opinion is wrong on this subject. I have complained many times about videos not working, not getting the recruiter points after watching said video, game freezing etc etc. I even put a message on here suggesting we all boycott watching the vids until they sort it out.
It, to be fair, has improved since the last update however I have noticed in the last few days the same old faults are starting to reappear and it is taking longer and longer to watch the six vids.
10/10/18 16:47
Ian, I understand that you have had issues. If it is a game programming issues and not a connection or network issue wouldn't there be significantly more individuals having this trouble? If you look back at the threads you started regarding this issue I suspect you will see the number of others who are also experiencing the issues. What did support tell you when you wrote them?
10/10/18 18:59
Hi Gareth,
if the app is working correctly in all other areas, why bother with the videos if they are causing distress? Upgrade your auction house and try to 'play' the transfer market and enjoy the game. There are two suggestions I can offer:
1) Update Google Chrome.
2) Reset your network settings.

I would normally suggest deleting the app and re-installing (it's probably a tech fault). But doing that could reset the game.


15/10/18 06:27
Sorry for delay in replying to BM's question above, but had little down time recently.... I have written to Support a number of times about watching vids. They are pretty unhelpful with their replies wanting to know which vid it was and what server it was on etc. As I wrote back to them in despair saying the game froze on occasions before even getting to view a vid!!!! It was in the process of being about to display one when it froze.How could I ID it?
On one complaint I was actually credited with missing recruiter points. On another I reported the Vid that I could point the finger at "Top Driver," to be told they would send the info to the vid supplier.
As I mentioned in previous post to this thread I think the issues are coming back and it is taking longer to view the six vids with either non payment of recruiter points or game wanting to switch to the App Store after watching a vid.
BM, again apologies for late reply.
15/10/18 13:39
Ian, their reply supports what pb and I are telling you, it's not an issue with the game, it is something on your end or up stream from you. Sorry.
28/10/18 21:58
I’ve also had the same issue. Seems to be the same ads that cause the issue and freezing the game. I tend to find that closing and reopening the App either allow viewing a different video or that the recruiter credits have been applied.