Rucking Broncos MB free final Tonight?

25/02/17 00:08
Looks like we may be having a rematch!
25/02/17 00:18
I have just noticed that and you will have home advantage this time! I fear the worst.
25/02/17 00:22
Some days my backs forget how to string passes together so who knows!
26/02/17 12:22
MB free tonight RB?
26/02/17 13:32
Yes let's go again! I believe we have enough trust but will screenshot anyway to save any drama.
26/02/17 20:19
Okay will do same.
27/02/17 00:15
Well played
27/02/17 00:15
Well played
27/02/17 00:20
Cheers mate, luckily kept the ball cos I know how dangerous you can be
27/02/17 00:28
Respect to you and your team