Massive tournament

05/02/18 15:50
Guest B7YLA :

Guest G8SUU3 :

Guest 1EIOI7 :

Cut the prize money to 10%, make it a level wide tournament with one round and this would have been awesome.

I don't think they should make it a level-wide tournament at all. This is one of the unique and interesting things about this tournament, you get the chance to compete against different levels. A better idea would be to structure the tournaments in a 10- or 15-level range. I always fancy my chances against average teams that are 15 levels above me, so I'd find that really interesting.

Not sure exactly what is the “unique and interested things” of having 2 injured players by playing somebody that is 100 stars above us... All my guild (20 players) entered and directly left the tournament without playing when they saw their opponents.. None of us will play such tournament as none of us is interested in spending 96 heal kits to loose a game against a lvl 60 player.
And no interest at all in terms of reward as they come in the 2nd round (and you won’t get there if you re not lvl 58-60)..

It s great the developers try something new... but this tournament is not interesting at all.. and it doesn t motivate new players... Not also sure What is the benefit of giving 1,000 gold balls to somebody who has already all buildings upgraded and probably bought his all team, while there s many players below who are trying to catch-up...

As suggested by somebody else above, a level-wide tournament would be awesome.. (even if the rewards are much lower)...

Well I'm level 31 and am drawn against a level 52. I've tested the water with short bursts of one of my main strats and then switching to a losing strat and I, for one, fancy my chances. So it is definitely of interest to me. It's unique in the sense that we never get to have tournaments that include a range of levels (unless you count our own inguild competition). This is a really decent idea by the developers, however even I will admit that my chances of progression if I get consistently drawn against level 50+ are next to none. Therefore a 10 to 15 level spread seems about right for me. You'll get drawn against good players at times, of course, and you will lose. That's life. However there are so many ridiculously average players on this game that there will still be a chance to do well.

The point about injuries is a valid one, however I don't mind spending the heal kits. The thing that annoys me about injuries is that you lose the training points for the game.

I also agree with your point that a huge quantity of gold balls will likely go to someone who needs them less. Hence again, why not have massive tournaments but with a 10-level spread and more evenly distributed prizes? The top prize can still be pretty big to make it worth competing for.

To be frank, I haven't lost a tournament on my level for about 8 seasons now, and only then because I came up against one of 2 people on my level that can beat me (one of those only if I am offline). It's really boring. Having a level-spread competition running in tangent to a per level tournament would be much more interesting. Perhaps the injuries thing is something the developers can look at and loosen the parameters so they happen less frequently?

One thing I do agree with however is that you should be awarded prizes for winning any game at all.

I'll let you know how I get on against the lvl 52er. I'm currently giving myself a 15% to 20% chance of victory and I quite like the odds, given the difference in levels.

Guest 1EIOI7 :

For me 15 levels means playing people double my current level, and while I have beaten teams at that grade, I suspect they are the bad ones.

This is actually a very good point. In our inguild competition, we have split the guild into three leagues based on level (initially, but with promotion and relegation at the end of each competition so the level difference widens with each season) and we use a handicap system, again based on level. What we decided right off the bat is to actually have a higher handicap per level in the bottom Division as the gap between levels is necessarily higher than later on the game. It is relatively difficult for a level 10 team to beat a level 20 team for example, due to the develoment of strategy towers mainly, but also all the other reasons. That said, a level 30 player can reasonably take out mid level 40s players on a regular basis. It happens all the time in the ranking games (and guild challenges). 20 levels is also very doable against average teams. Trust me there are a lot of very average teams on this game that are quite active so keep plugging away.

Wales. Guild: The Exiles.
06/02/18 01:07
Guest G8SUU3 :

I'll let you know how I get on against the lvl 52er. I'm currently giving myself a 15% to 20% chance of victory and I quite like the odds, given the difference in levels.

Wales. Guild: The Exiles.

Well that was really furstrating. I played my level 52er and got the timing on my subs wrong and lost 17-0. I then played him in a friendly right after with a slight change in personnel and better timing on the subs and beat him 14-10. Really annoying!

The good news - No injuries at all.

My fellow guild mate is also level 31 and played a level 51er (lost by 13-0 and his guy was better than mine so fantastic effort from him - he's no. 1 on our level but still) and he had no injuries either. Maybe they've therefore taken the injury issue out of the equation for this tournament?

Really annoyed though as that lvl 52 tournament scalp was mine!
06/02/18 01:10
Imagine how annoyed u may be if u lost 3-0 as a default score. What a joke of a tournament!!
06/02/18 01:16
Dragon blade :

Imagine how annoyed u may be if u lost 3-0 as a default score. What a joke of a tournament!!

3-0 is normally when your opponent bails on you. It worked in reverse against you Dragon? WTF?
06/02/18 01:19
Were you ejected from the tournament somehow?

I'd write to them to complain if I were you. That's just not on.
06/02/18 01:55
I heard a rumour that the moderators guild was allowed to pick one team per round that they could eliminate with a 0-3 auto loss, just a rumor as far as I can tell.
06/02/18 01:58
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06/02/18 02:05
Dragon blade :

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06/02/18 02:20
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06/02/18 02:30
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