Lineout Order Of Players?

13/10/15 01:11
Hi what is the order of players in the lineout I just can't quiet see is it:
We have a skill for lifting, and jumping but what does the hooker use for accurately throwing is it pass precision?
13/10/15 10:51
Yes, the hooker use his pass precision in lineout.
The order of players from the line is 1,4,3,5,7,6,8 as I can see, but it depends of the jumper you choose in strategy.
07/09/17 18:23
Colts... this'll be the one...
07/09/17 18:54
Nice sleuthing aa
07/09/17 19:08
Thanks AA but also note The comment ' as far as I can see' which does not suggest too much knowledge around it. I seem to remember a number of posts around that time that suggested otherwise.

Edit - which you have also done other good work on.