The real top 10 guilds (fans are worthless ;) )

06/01/17 19:26
That is why I time stamp my rankings because of how much things change. I do them when I have time and people are where they are. But yes, first can drop to 10th and 25th can rise to first. Anyone who wants to do all guilds and all teams good luck, can't be done so it's not a solution. If I want to solve a terrorist attack my solution can't be time travel since it doesn't exist. Make sense? Thanks for the feedback on fluidity of the ranks!
06/01/17 19:44
Sublinet could do it, afterall they add up all the fans in real time. If they did it and included all the teams in the guilds it would be a better reflection which guild is top. Would'nt you agree?
06/01/17 19:58
Sublinet can, we cannot. Thus it is the same as time travel for us. And yes, I would love for guild rankings to be off of ranking of guild members and nothing to do with fans. Then being top would be a real challenge and everyone would want it