Les Legendaires PHOENIX MADE in France V Bluebloods

23/03/17 14:21
We are the Hutchie :

Rucking Broncos - Bad Mother Ruckers :

Is this the same 'Lengendaires Pheonix' that are currently killing this game with the 0% Rythm Strat...?

Looks like the solution to this has been found.

IF you can get the ball back. Doesn't always work. Fair play to the tinker man VMAX though.
23/03/17 22:30
It's not too difficult for the general benefit of everyone the way I've found round it is to simply turn your ruck aggression up to 100%. You then end up pushing them back towards their own try line where invariably the ball comes loose after a while. The other out from this is that you give away a pen which is fine as that should lead to a line out and normal play from there.