How to make second leader of the guild?

03/07/17 12:36
HI. I do not see how to make second leader of the guild. I am the leader and I press Manage button, press on other member and do not see option to make him the leader...only right hand max
Please advise...
03/07/17 12:49
You can only have one leader. You only need one leader.
03/07/17 13:44
Someone might point out that some guilds have more than one leader but it is due to inactivity so not a good thing or something to try to make happen.

As waspy said, you only need one
03/07/17 15:30
Indeed, BM; I had meant to say you can have only one ACTIVE leader.
03/07/17 23:21
well you could go inactive yourself for say 7 days not logging in and then get second leader and then as long as neither change you can have a second leader
04/07/17 01:05
You have fun wasting a week of the game for no benefit
04/07/17 12:21