Guild Merger

15/12/17 13:35
Hi everyone. So I have noticed that there are a lot of small guilds with less than 15 teams knocking around at the mo. I was wondering if anyone would fancy merging their small guild with ours? The only catch is that all leaders and right hands stay the same for both guilds.

I think it's a great opportunity to have a full guild with really active members. We can either change the name of the guild completely or merge the 2 names. Whatever really.

If you are interested then post here eith your guilds name, I will check you out and throw all your members an invite to our guild to begin with then we take it from there.

Cheers: Balderdash Titans; Agenda 21: De Pop.
04/04/18 17:01
Hey Saruman. Are you still looking at a guild merger?
04/04/18 22:41
Hey dude. This was posted a long time ago. I am now in a different guild.

Thanks for the interest though.
05/04/18 20:11
Made fordis, how many of you are there?
And what levels range?
We've only got 15 in our feeder guild I.F.C. Sparring, ranging from 43-57.
Maybe you could join them if roughly that level range.
Im the leader of The International Fight Club by the way and the feeder guild, sarauman is one of our right hands in main guild now.
We also have a spot in main guild but looking for a 60+ to fill that.
We only take active players though, miss gcs without warning or excuse and we will boot.
Just a thought.