Bug when an opponent leaves a tournament game

31/08/18 23:45
Peanut Butta :

Hi Made,
My mission, this week is simple, to try to catch you with your 'pants down'. Lol. May restrict you to just to 30pts!

Hi KotJ,
when I play friendlies, I try to ensure that teams are not less than 10% energy than me. The early games against you, I probably had a 5-10% advantage. If you look at my schedule, at that time, I played other 'Rugga Mugga's', my energy was a lot lower than theirs. Btw I have stopped ffing around, what you see is what you get, apart from minor alterations.
The games I have played this evening, all were equal energies, hence the different results (from the morning). I have been examining one strat (not att/def spacing, they have been the same throughout). I noticed the games against you, normal service has been resumed, lol. I have currently lvl 1 shop stuff, across the board. One game against 'Ooligan (I think without looking) I lost heavily, slightly changed the one strat and there was like a 50 pt swing immediately.
I haven't noticed a difference in friendlies. although some are skewed. Maybe someone has mentioned this before, I haven't seen it.
When you play a higher level team in a friendly, you get a bonus something akin to MB. This doesn't apply to a competitive game (ie GC), then there is about a 20pt swing to teams 10 levels higher. I wish this was sorted, it's frustrating!
You may know this already, if not, it's something I have tested frequently in Rugby and Football (5 lvls). (Same game engine)


ps. There is randomness in the game, especially with closely matched teams. If you can remember the cup-tie we played, I had kick-off, the ball (randomly) went out, I won the line-out and gained the advantage. If your no1 had caught the ball, it would have been a different result.

Thanks for the response.
I actually didn t know that you get some sort of bonus when you play against a higher level team in friendlies. Interesting. I will definitely do some tests.

Agree, we have always seen some sort of randomness (lineouts having obviously a huge impact on the outcome of the game).
I just heard many high level players complaining in the last few days on this topic.. so I was curious to know if you have seen any difference when playing against me. I haven t launched a friendly for couple of days, so I am not able to notice any difference... I was just surprised to see the huge swing in points from one game to the other.

Looking forward to seeing you in one of my tournaments
(For now, I get king of dollar/kwagga for the 3rd time in a row in my tournament)
01/09/18 00:04
Yeah, I watched, lol, good win.
Being the second best player in my Guild, I'm used to taking on opponents lvld higher than me. I play friendlies against them, usually immediately before the real match. (Same with the footy). Props (our best) already had his suspicions, which were confirmed, when I mentioned this, independently.
It is more noticeable in the footy. (3-4 goal swing against 5 lvls above)
01/09/18 00:15
Haha, Apparently, we had a public haha.
Ok, Very interesting! (and well done for spotting it). (I don t play at football manager, I tried one season but didn t like it..)
I also take opponents leveled higher than me.. but I stopped playing friendlies before, as couple of times I won the friendly and lost the real game.. which was frustrating.. hahaha.
So now I go all-in directly... I push all my chips on the table... and see if my opponent has a bluff or a Royal flush..
01/09/18 00:40
Good luck guys. Hope we come across each other in the ranking games... looks like KOTJ is already pushing the top 500. I am taking that part easy for the time being. Maybe another season and I'll push for top 100. There is no rush. The game will get a lot tougher for me very soon!
01/09/18 01:00
Thx Made,
Seems like your pants are never down, but I'm watching.

01/09/18 13:41
Good luck to you Made,
With a bit of luck, I will see you on my map for a ranking game tomorrow.. (hopefully you will leave your B team... with a losing strat... after a 4 hour training.. I will be watching...).
But as you said, no real rush on this part... There s no player below level 69 in the top 100..
No doubt that you ll get surrounded by visa players very soon... You better roll up your sleeves..
05/09/18 00:20
Has the tourney bug been fixed? I haven't experienced it recently
05/09/18 00:42
I think your question has been answered in the next thread.
05/09/18 01:26
Yep, lol