14/04/19 07:28
Well, the time has come to give up the dots on the screen.

I was by no means the greatest at this game, but I gave it a decent shot. Spending money on this game is now something I refuse to do any longer. It's also not possible to stay top level without spending some sort of real money.
I refuse because Sweet Nitro is useless at almost everything. Support, new ideas, rewriting the game, consistency in the game, etc. Many of you would feel this way and others will still be blinded by the truth. If you want to see what a real game engine looks like, go check out Rugby Nations '18. You can actually see the men running. So much of Wow. I hope they bring in a Guild option soon, because then SN wouldn't exist. I also somehow hope two things, a) that all of you guys somehow band together and not spend anymore money on this game or b) give it up totally. This is of course to show SN that we are not abiding by their rules anymore, we are or were paying customers and we demand better service.

To those of you moaning about match fixing and spending your time on here moaning, grow up. Go see the sun, dance in the rain, smell a flower. Life is to short to moan about people bending the rules. You will always get them.

To my dear Damage Inc. family, you guys are awesome. Some great memories from hearing Le Cag moan about 3am GC mass attacks to meeting people in real life and building great friendships. What a ride. We did it. We are one of the most competative guilds out there. This extends to Titans, Black Sheep (Yes I know they broke away but they are our friends) and Labs. Some of the greatest guys you will ever meet are in Labs. Work ethic is insane.

I wish everyone playing the best of luck with the dots on the screen. If it's fun for you, then I am happy for you. Go smash 'em.

Cheers bananas.
14/04/19 13:22
Best of luck
14/04/19 19:37
Always a belting game against you bud. Best of luck in real life dude. Have a good one.
15/04/19 07:04
Sad to see you go. I wish you well in the future.
15/04/19 13:01
You were one of the top players in my eyes Adrenalin and I always had great battles with you. I wish you and yours all the best in real life.