World Association of Rugby Uni looking for Members

11/11/19 09:29
New Guild called World Association of Rugby Uni are looking for active Members. If you are interested join within as invitation is universally open to everyone. Thanks
12/11/19 17:33
Hey Candas. Welcome to the game. It is impossibly difficult to recruit new teams to new guilds, so quite often it is a bit easier if you join an established set up and work with them. Saying that if you can set up a new guild an make it work then that's awesome, more guilds to compete with.

However, would you consider joining us at Marvel?

Guilds are:

Marvel RED.....
Avengers - Recruiting
Infinity - Heavily Recruiting
Guardians - Heavily Recruiting
End Game - Heavily Recruiting
Civil War - Heavily Recruiting

So if you would like to join us please look at Avengers 1st, then the other 4 guilds too. It's a slog to get things started but when they are all up and running properly, Marvel will be the biggest franchise on RM.

Cheers, O-A-A
13/11/19 17:15
Thanks for your response O.A.A. Guild has now been setup within a day with 25 Members. World Rugby Association (WAR) is the slight team name change. The process begins restructuring the recruitment process when the time arrives. Invitation was appreciated however see you on the field one day!
14/11/19 14:41
Yeah no worries buddy, good luck in all of your forthcoming GC's, wish you and your guild well.
25/11/19 17:33
You guys have alot of guilds
16/01/20 07:31
Yep they might have alot of guilds Jonno but they all useless... wont take long and it will fall apart ... what a waste of time to post such crap ... Caddyshack ; ) ... the tin soldier is now pepper pots ... Bwahahah...