Thanks all for the fun games.....ITS TIME!

29/05/19 22:20
Hey C, my " dumb Texas pervert old Army vet". Seeing your C4l account retiring makes me a little bit sad, but you go as one of the best in this game and that makes me happy again.we had great times together. Have stimulated each other to get better and better. Most of all, I miss our great conversations, be it kidding or having serious conversations. You are and will remain my brother and do not change that.
Best wishes TK
30/05/19 00:35
TK, Thank you my brother......we have made a great run together...….I miss you to buddy, Enjoy your time and come see us when you get a chance...….You have made me a better player simply by just having friendlies against each other.....Plz remember this OLD ARMY VET may be OLD, but I can still whoop ass if I need if u need someone to cover ya in anything you do, you know u can count on me
01/06/19 16:57
Sorry to see you going , weve had some battles along the way. Good Luck in what ever your looking forward to.
01/06/19 18:44
thanks ICE...….and yes we have.....been some very close fun games we've had...…...Just retiring this big acct...….playing 2 teams as you know can take its toll on ya...…….ill still be around with Feed Zeke...…..and look forward to more great games with ya....