Give us your ideas for the creation of a training center

13/10/16 21:45
Ok.... Have kids come in at either 15 or 16 with a random roll for the stats. Some may have higher stats than others but have the learning speed hidden. Have them separated off into backs, forwards and the #10 as different classes. These guys get a boost to certain attributes for learning but a slower rate for the other side. For example: A centre and a wing will have higher training rates for speed and penetration but lower training speeds for rucking and tackling (this can be done with a simple hidden modifier coded in for +x% and -x% for each type of player)

The kids can only be promoted to the first team squad at 18, and obviously there's a limit to the amount of players your academy can hold. This can be based, along with the boost for learning speed, in the level like it is with the training ground. You can choose to promote or release your players at 18, and those released are let into the market giving the eventuality of having specific positions for players in the end

Lots more thoughts but there's the first basic overview of my idea
13/10/16 21:49
Black Monks :

So this is just to propose to the admin and the idea from the French is just a training building effectively but for younger players than current players? If I were to go to the admin I think I would have 10 things I would ask for before that.

It would need to be more than training grounds for kids to get me excited.

what would you like to offer admin.
personally I do not see why the French could not offer things.
13/10/16 21:49
So what exactly would make the training centre different to the academy? Maybe collate all ideas that come through here and contact the devs if you have a connection with them. There are a lot of players with good ideas for a academy which i think could be worth while putting forward as suggestions.
13/10/16 21:53
Darksly i think that monks just wants us to have a lot of options for the admin when you put the idea forward. I don't think he was being facetious. The idea of an academy is a good one. We should just consider all options that we would like and then the devs can decide what is doable.
13/10/16 21:58
Well I think my idea is doable and not masses of effort to implement, adds longevity, a sense of randomness and addresses the position problem all at once
13/10/16 21:58
I'm saying why suggest something we have? We are losing top players hand over fist and a training ground for 15-18 yo boys which is idntical to current training grounds won't bring any of them back and won't keep the rest of us around any longer. Your responses to our ideas seemed to be, 'hey great idea but not what we want. What we want is simple and just let's us have our players for 3 more years'. If I misread your resposes and this is an open forum to bring thoughts to the developers then let it be open and say, great ideas they've been added to the list. Don't come to people asking for ideas when what is desired is support of an idea already developed.

And yes crox, I like your idea with concrete application suggestion
13/10/16 21:59
no proposal from you I think nothing will be possible with the admin and I think even if I'm french.
13/10/16 22:24
So what is the current idea? So we know where you are going and can suguest supplements to the ideas. If you want support for the idea of academy, I support that. If you want ideas and our ideas don't fit into the current idea structure let me know the current idea structure so we can see if we can supplement.

And my comment about french I meant the French forum. Just looking for the parameters of what we're looking for here. If it's a training ground for boys I love croxton ideas, if we have more flexibility we have more ideas too. And im Sorry, really am, I'm just wanting to know where we are and I fear I came on overly strong, it's been known to happen
13/10/16 22:30
He's said that bud, it's a training centre like an academy but without the thing of adding staff etc. That's why I said my way, he wants a way to bring through youth players for your first team and how the academy will work. No external things like coaches or altering guys etc, just how it could work and what it would give
13/10/16 22:56 it wrong