Changes to guild requirements for Guild Challenges

04/05/18 23:37
I have sent a support ticket lambasting this decision but it will do nothing by itself. I urge everyone to send in support tickets complaining of this senseless decision. If they are overwhelmed by negative feedback oerhaps we will be heard. Especially given that this change was supposidly bought in for better game play and not monetisation.
05/05/18 01:10
Dont mind the changes but a notice sent to the guilds about a week ago with flashing neon lights on it would of been nice. Fortunately was able to top up my guild overnight but sucks we now gotta wait 48 hours for our 20th member to become challenge worthy so a little more warning before changes are made next time please mr nitro
05/05/18 01:19
Agree the search engines for guilds and teams not good
05/05/18 06:37
Yea, dont get it, why try and force Guilds to have inactive members just so that they can play GC? Its not like were gonna force them somehow to buy shit.
05/05/18 10:44
Hey. This is a pathetic desicion. We have 14 active players. How must we suddenly find another 6 ACTIVE players when player numbers is declining. Does sweet nitro want to chase players away from RM. Sweet nitros response will be very interesting!
05/05/18 11:58
Anyone have feedback from admin about the 20 GC minimum?
05/05/18 13:01
Feedback i got was pathetic. " It is to make guild challenges more balanced ". Whatever the hell that means.
06/05/18 10:24
How does it make guild challenges more balanced? That is the question they don’t seem to get. There are plenty of guilds, mainly French ones, with 20+ players most of which don’t make any attempt what so ever to play in the gc. Those are the problem. How many times do we play gc’s where the opponents play around 6-8 games when the have a full line up. Those are the problems they should be addressing. Why is it a problem if you have 14v14 if all games are played and the result is close? Match ups should be based on an average of the level of the teams in the guild. Or something like that.
06/05/18 11:52
As co-leader of a guild that has been regularly playing GCs, I can only agree with the comments posted as we were full several weeks ago but have only just weeded out dead wood to allow us to recruit and are now 15, meaning that we no longer qualify and are finding recruitment difficult. We have many offers to join other guilds that may result in us losing valuable long-term members. I, too, have written to Support about the issue, but have yet to receive a response. Frankly, this is a simplistic, and stupid, response to GC inequity. A simpler one would have been to lower the % difference between matched GCs and to make the assessment on strength rather than fan base. Anyway, will await outcome, and hoping they revert. In the meantime, any homeless Aussie or Kiwi teams would be welcome at The Trans Tasman Rugby Guild.

Moss Vale Scottish
06/05/18 12:31
This decision will destroy weaker guilds and more than likely see people leave the game itself.