Further Feedback from Sweet Nitro

02/09/18 17:27
Black Monks :

Buddy, didnt call the developers idiots, they speak English as a second language which allowed you to manipulate. I speak one language so they have one up on me. Nice sad attempt to manipulate yet again. I said it was hilarious that union and league supporters hated each other so much they created the study of rape frequency, you manipulated my statement and my ban was rescinded and resulted shortly after in your own ban which you haven't denied, you must change the subject. Show a quote where Ilive, show a quote where I run. I have done both to you on many occasions. My problem with you is your lies, not that I dont think like you. Thank God i dont think like you.

Sorry but you forget this part when you said “kotj you find rape funny?” Which was a statement from nowhere.. as i didn t even posted one message in this thread...
And be careful to what you could respond on this.. as I would definitely ask the developers to read this message if you make some accusations.. just to be clear.

Crazy that the developers had the same understanding than me.. Don t worry they understand english perfectly (to manipulate? Haha english is my second language too. I am french.. that s why maybe the developers and myself and the other people don t understand you.. who knows..)
02/09/18 17:41
Sorry but I have never been banned.

For the rest: Your message has been sent, seen, successfully ignored and forgotten as you re not worth my time.
02/09/18 18:11
And for those who still wonder about Black Monks reputation for “continually pushing the boundaries in the forum and repeatedly derailing threads” (as you want me to quote):

(And to be clear, I wasn t even playing Rugby Manager at that time.. you were already banned by developers and forum administrators for your attitude.. but eh everyone is wrong but you).
02/09/18 18:15
You prove I was banned and admit that, quote something supporting your statements. Also, colstons carshalton and I are on great terms, so further invalidates your lack of evidence. So once again prove by quotes where i have done what you say i have done and deny. You cant!
02/09/18 18:17
you are always right.. always an excuse...
Your message has been sent, seen, successfully ignored and forgotten.
02/09/18 18:25
Quote me, I have 3+ years of material. Took you 6 hours on the forum to be found out with proof. And one last thought for you, since your first I have been banned fewer hours than you have have been banned times. That must burn since you put so much weight on it. I could care less how often you have been banned, but I know it hurts you knowing the truth there.
02/09/18 18:28
Should I foward the above message to the developers? As you make strong accusations I have ever been banned.
Just let me know.

But most importantly, Your message has been sent, seen, successfully ignored and forgotten
02/09/18 18:34
Should you forward what? You have been banned, you know it. Statements of such have been made and confirmed. What would the devs care if I speak the truth? So you can mention people being banned but others can't. Yet another hypocritical comment and look at you become the victim again. #notmyrugbyvalue
02/09/18 18:36
Now ignore or.go to your room. Or say you are ignoring when you arent. Your choice, I can only control me.
02/09/18 18:37
You message has been sent, seen, successfully ignored and forgotten